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Hi sally,

Long time no hear. I have just emailed you. Please let me know if you don't get it.

Gail Gray

Hi Sally,
Not sure if you will get this on OZ or not. Sorry I missed you before you flew off on your holidays. I hope the flight was okay and you are keeping swell LOL I hope you and Stewart and the boys are enjoying your time back on OZ and spending time with your families over the festive season. Don't worry about us freezing our bums off in Scotland at -4 to 3 deg, honest I wont hold it against you he he I know you were really looking forward to getting some heat and sun, don't blame you, I know where i'd rather be right be right now too. Looks like we have more chance of rain not snow for Christmas which is a shame. I'm all ready for Chrimbo and will be off work now for 2 weeks which is great. Had someone viewing our house this week and like it, so I will keep you posted. Okay will go now. Take care all of you and don't get too sun burnt xxxxxx Love Graylie (is that not what Stewart calls me?)

Rebecca Cameron

I am waiting for a photo of Mr Hugh Mitchell :)

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