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Diane Lovell

Incredible story, Sally. Thanks so much for sharing.


I'm pleased you were able to have the birth you wanted Sal and that Hugh arrived safe and sound. Well done.

Dawn Stan

Congratulations Sal. Great home birth story. Glad to hear Hugh arrived safe and sound. Bet the big brothers are over the moon.

Rebecca Cameron

Sally, I am so envious. Your story has brought tears to my eyes.

Welcome to the world hugh.

lisa v

When you said this bit 'He a little slow to move and breathe but as he was still attached to his umbilical cord this didn't worry me. I rubbed his back, and talked to him to encourage his breathing. ' ..I could really relate that to the first newborn photos of him, where he was still quite bluish.
You were so brave Sally, I don't know how you managed without a some gas at least, I always had the gas :D and my labours were a lot quicker than yours, you're a strong, brave woman and have done something to be proud of.
I could'nt agree with you more about how all the interventions during normal labours and deliveries in hospitals can have the effect of creating the need for even more intervention..it makes me so angry to hear about what would have been a lovely, normal birth ruined by unneccesary intervention...my sister-in-law had one such birth less than a year ago in a busy city hospital.
Well done Sally :) well done.

Chris M

Wow Sally, I loved reading your birth story from start to finish! It sounded like such a perfect way for baby Hugh to enter the world! Congratulations!

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